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Why Concrete Matters

Storm shelters are made in several different styles and out of different materials. With all of the types of storm shelters available, being comfortable in your purchase during the life of the product matters most. 

Concrete is a very resilient material and stands up to all kinds of conditions, especially while underground. Each Storm Shelter contains 3/8 inch rebar on one foot centers and is poured with 5,000 psi concrete, a very high strength mix. With the use of concrete and available stainless steel door and door frame, a scratch on any portion of the storm shelter will not result in a spot where rust would form. This allows for many years of service with little to no maintenance needed, unlike some storm shelters on the market today.

By having a protective solution that is underground gives the best possibility of survival, with winds and objects passing over you, unlike above ground shelters. Above ground storm shelters are placed out in the open allowing high winds and heavy objects to interact with the shelters.